My name is Centauri Adams and I enjoy the entertainment arts: writing, drawing, painting, photography, and film. I was born in Chicago Illinois, raised in Madison Wisconsin, and earned my Graphic Design Bachelor of Arts Degree from Mount Mercy University.

For many years I dreamed that a major film production studio could operate out of the Midwest, understanding how difficult it is to relocate to the west or east coast in the hopes of hitting it big! I think there should be an alternative option for star weary artists of the Midwest to make their dreams a reality. Maybe one day that will be realized with my company Smada Film Studios.

Recently however I have realized that I am, above all other things, a Tales-man; I love stories, and being part of their existence. For me, being audience or creator does not matter – I just enjoy being engulfed in new ideas, beliefs, and worlds. Rather they are in novel, comic, song, poetry, or film format, I am intrigued and fascinated by how easily words transform into entire universes and new realities of possibility. Maybe one day I will devise a means to make Inklings Literary (my own publishing brand) a reality. Until then I will continue writing what I like to read, and enjoy that process as a means of self-care.

From this personal website you will be able to enjoy my literary works via GoodReads or WordPress, browse my YouTube channel, see that I have no idea how to use Pinterest, check out my randomness on Twitter, and gander at artwork that I have created over the years.

​Well, today is just one chapter in my life, and tomorrow will be another chapter. I will not take a path already created, but rather, learn from all those who have come before me, and then blaze a new trail into the future. Well maybe, it will just be a calming-creek-type of a pathway, but either way, it will be of my design.

And I want to share my journey with the world.

This personal website is only the beginning.