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This is a Vision Board, though some prefer Dream Board instead. It is a visual reminder of personal dreams and aspirations. It is a reminder of things I want to achieve or experience in this world. For example, I would love to visit: Ethiopia, Japan, Ireland, Brasil, and Nigeria.

For years I have dreamed that a major film production studio could operate out of the Midwest. I understand the hesitancy in the idea of relocating to the west or east coast in the hopes of hitting it big! I think there should be an alternative option for star weary artists in the Midwest to make their dreams a reality. Maybe one day that will be realized with Smada Film Studios.

​At the end of the day though, I am a Tales-man. I love stories, and being part of their existence. Rather I am audience or creator does not matter – I just enjoy being engulfed in new ideas, beliefs, and universes. Rather they are presented in novel, comic, film, song, or poetry format, I am intrigued and fascinated by how easily words become fresh realities of possibility. Maybe one day I will also devise a means to bring Inklings into reality.

Each day I continue to plot and write what I like to read, enjoying the process of creating and imagining as a means of self-care.

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